Thank you Danie and John for the advanced photography course. Since doing the advanced course I have found it difficult to just take photos.

I used to snap away at anything and everything and be extremely happy with a sharp focus image with decent bokeh. Now all I see are the faults in a photos mine and other peoples.

I was asked to do a photo book for a colleague using the wedding photographers photos. It was a beach wedding and there was not one photo I didn't have to edit before putting them in the book. The bride wanted me to edit some photos with selective colour, proudly I said I can but I won't, especially when she suggested a b&w with just her lips coloured in. Some photos were so slanted I couldn't straiten the horizon without chopping off someone's head completely. The mom proudly sent me photos she took herself for the album, I "forgot" to include these because the full washing basket and vacuum cleaner did not quite match the dress or the orange umbrella the bride was holding inside the house. I could not wait to get the book off for printing just because the photos were driving me crazy, every photo I see I feel I have to crit. Some of these photos would make good examples for your slide show on what can go wrong.

At the moment I am trying to find a photographer who can do my daughters 1st birthday photos, but in everyone's photos I look at, all I see are the things we have been told to look out for. Most of the web pages I have looked at I don't even get past the home page before deciding they are no good. I have finally found a photographer I like but it is really very pricey. (Proving again you get what you pay for).

So now it is time I suppose to start taking photos again. if the so called "professionals" are taking these photos that are just wrong I might as well dust off my camera and put it to use again.

Thank you for teaching us so much, but seriously oblivion was a far more peaceful place to be. I would do the course again in a heart beat and recommend that everyone do the course. But prepare yourself, you will never click the same way again. On the upside it does save on a lot of memory space.

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Kudos to John especially for driving the message home! It is interesting how our perspectives and philosophies change as our knowledge increases. The more you know, the more you will be held accountable. Lol. 

Thank you for the testimonial Chantal. I really feel honoured having to teach such enthusiastic and teachable students. 

I was so happy to see this! I agree 100% with every word Chantal. Kudos to the whole DPC team for making a difference.

As Danie said: photography is science....
Good words indeed.... Motivated by your words...




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