Danie in his wisdom has added the above course to the portfolio at DPC. This course is aimed at those who are interested in architecture and interior photography in addition for those who would like to advance to another level or who want to learn more about the aspect of composition,simplification and perspective. The course also focuses on how to use natural light to the best advantage in photographing architecture. The 4 day course takes place over two weekends.

The first part of this course took place this past weekend. Students, including myself dealt with the theory side on Saturday. It was very informative and factual, thanks mainly to Danie being prepared to share his thoughts and experience that he has accumulated over the years. On Sunday we went to Sandton for our practical. We spend the whole day learning about composition, composition, composition and light, light, light, practicing on the beautiful buildings in Sandton. I now see why Danie has such an affinity for tilt and shift lenses as these lenses for architectural photography is a must have and now it is on my wishlist.

The shooting conditions were not ideal as the light was quite harsh, but we pushed through. We had plenty of time during the day to exercise our skills at composition. Danie was always at hand for advice. In the late afternoon we went to the rooftop of Sandton City and practiced our long exposure and landscape techniques. I personally valued  the experience as I enjoy fine art and architecture and the shadow play on some of the buildings I found to be very captivating.

This coming weekend we head off for a practical on Saturday at the Premier Hotel, OR Tambo, where the emphasis will be on interior photography. Again learning the setup for composition and how to photograph with natural light, HDR and flash. Sunday, attention will be focused on post processing and bringing everything together.  

This for me to date has been a very informative and practical course. I am already looking forward to part two of this series and hopefully in the not to distant future there will be an advanced course at DPC with regard to this discipline in photography.

Luke Brouwers.

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