I would like to share a few Architectural Images, I shot for MDS, the lead architecture firm, for Mall of Africa.

What I love about the building is how you can view all two levels, and the sky, from any of the floors and how the outside lighting conditions affect the lighting and colours inside. I kept those aspects as one of my main focus points when setting up my shots.

If you're interested in this form of Photography... Check out my upcoming workshop, which starts in 2 weeks time, by following this link: http://digitalphotographycourses.co.za/architectural-interior-photo...

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Stunning Danie ! love every one ! Sure your client is extremely happy !

Thanks Anso :) 

I must say your eye is trained to "see".

Fantastic compositions Danie.

Even the architect will be amazed.

Thanks Dries :) 

Commercial Architecture can be predictable and somewhat bland, but your photos have captured

the deliberate design intent that most visitors might miss. The rich textures and colours that work within the magical proportions of the spaces, all combine to create an exciting visual experience that offers an insightful glimpse into the mind of the Artist. Leading lines, patterns and strong geometry are all visual treats for the human eye, and your photo collection is a feast to absorb and enjoy. Well done, Danie. 

Thanks Derik. It is an honour coming from you, specially since you were one of the architects involved. 

Stunning shots Danie.. This is wonderful.... Love every bit of it.

Thanks Olanyi

Danie - you biscuit...You such an inspiration.

Thanks Morris...

Uit die boonste rakke!!!...don't know the english for that...maybe it's VWD!!

Dankie Doc! 


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