Luke Brouwers, recently participated in the advanced course and has been submitting fantastic work to PHOTO CRITIC. Two of his images have caused a bit of debate.



I liked the dark one “Pods” so I featured it, I found it to be abstract and character filled. The white background in “Fragile”, I found to have too much visual mass. Danie Bester feels, well… exactly the opposite. He thinks the white is perfectly suited and has a very clean modern feel, so he featured that one. While the dark image has lost too much information in zones 0 and 1. We both appreciate the images for their artistic merit, we just have different favourites, which goes to demonstrate the subjectivity of art. To further illustrate where that style has been used successfully, Danie pointed to Andrew Zuckerman's works while I like counter-argued with the works by Tim Flach. These artists do similar things while one works against black and the other against white.

Well done to Luke for being able to create images for a diversity of tastes. Which would you choose?

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Well I think both photos and both views have merit. The emotion evoked by 'Pods' is solid and safe, if a little  threatening. The seedpod is where it should be to sprout. While 'Fragile' is just that. Fragile.  It would not have been fragile if the background had been dark.  It is a seedpod, it must float away on the wind and be settled some where else to continue the cycle of life. 

Congratulations on two wonderful photos giving us  such opposing reactions.




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