I posted a backlit portrait, which was a setup by the "students" who attended the recent Wedding Workshop. I thought it would be a great idea if our other members can try it out too. You have the option to shoot any subject (not only a portrait) with backlighting. You can use natural light, artificial light, or even a studio light. Choice of subject and light source is yours... 


If you get a good shot, then please upload with your weekly quota of shots to Photo Critic. Otherwise, simply post it below.


Here's a few tips.


  • Lightsource behind your subject.
  • The lightsource should cause a rim light (also called contre-jour) from behind and brighten up the edges i.e. hair, feathers, fur etc. 
  • You may need a separate fill light source from front (camera angle) in order to get some details back into the subject. In certain cases, the camera's light meter will underexpose due to camera pointing into a bright light source.
  • If you decide to use natural sunlight, it is best to wait till the sun's low and the light soft. Typical late afternoon light, before sunset is the best. 
  • Look for elements, like walls, windows, grass that will "pick up" the warm tones and contribute to the ambience.
  • Use your exposure compensation function, or use auto exposure bracketing and take multiple shots.
  • Expose for the highlights (generally underexposure)
  • Check out.. http://www.lightstalking.com/backlit-portraits-golden-hours for more tips...


Here's a sample portrait again, with a lighting diagram...



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I am a huge fan of this lightning technique... and I am loving it in studio as well!
Same light as Danie...
Just a tip. Slightly underexposing it, will allow more detail..
Took at 7h00 pm in margate....
Wedding works shop..no reflector..Luv the feeling in b& W!!!
Jinne, maar Mandi Venter lyk net soos haar ma...

Danie Bester said:

Jinne, maar Mandi Venter lyk net soos haar ma...

Straight into the  early morning sun




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